About Us

Kurbaga Artisans
"Jewelry is Art That You Can Wear Everyday!"

Thanks for visiting Kurbaga Artisans! I am proud to to say that we offer many different varieties of Sterling & Fine Silver Jewelry, Seaglass Jewelry, Leather Jewelry, Horse Hair Jewelry and Pearl Jewelry. Pieces are created using local Sea Glass pieces, Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, Pearls, Gem Stones, plus things I have found in my travels to create some really fun Fine Fashion Jewelry. Every stone, pearl and finding that we work with is hand picked by me or someone on my staff, nothing is ever ordered in bulk.

Interested in a Custom piece, we love doing custom work, wether it is one piece or pieces for an entire bridal party, please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to design a piece for you.

Occasionally we carry the work of other artists as well, but we still hand pick all the styles to ensure their quality.

You will be amazed at how many people stop you to ask what it is and where you got your Sterling Silver Jewelry, Seaglass Jewelry, Leather Jewelry and Horse Hair Jewelry. Tell them about Kurbaga Artisans for me please.

We have recently added our Artwork page, I am proud to say that all of the photos have been taken by my son the aspiring photographer. 

Thank you for visiting Kurbaga Artisans Sterling Silver Jewelry or Seaglass Jewelry and please feel free to contact us today or order directly from the site. 

Ever wonder what "Kurbaga" means - well it is Turkish for Frogs, and I chose the name Kurbaga Artisans because of my love for the little creatures, go ahead look at one it will make you smile, they like art and jewelry come in all shapes, sizes and colors! 

 Jewelry is "Art That You Can Wear Everyday!"